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Environmental Safety Advanced Cookware Polishing Machine For Ultimate Finish

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Environmental Safety Advanced Cookware Polishing Machine For Ultimate Finish
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Function: Inner Or Outer Sanding For Metal Ware
SizeofWorkpiece: φ(160~320)mm×(50~300)mm (Dia×H)
Size Of Workpiece: 54320mm×260mm(Dia.×H)
Size Of Abrasive: Size Of Abrasive Belt=50m×33mm(LxW)
Voltage: 380V/220V Optional
Motor(for The) Power: Scrol Motor:0.18kw×1
Material: Steels
Speed: Workpiece:70~1450r/min(Adjustable)
Dimension: 2600mm×2000mm×1450mm)(L×W×H)
Weight: About 1.7T
High Light:

Environmental Safety Cookware Polishing Machine


Ultimate Finish Cookware Polishing Machine


Advanced Cookware Polishing Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Star Power
Certification: CU,ISO
Model Number: S207D
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: metal frame with film
Delivery Time: 1 month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
Product Description
Environmental Safety Advanced Cookware Polishing Machine For Ultimate Finish
This machine is widely used in metal ware inside or outside sanding.
Two sanding stations can take turns to work so it can continuously
complete the rough sanding and the fine sanding process. It has PLC
automatic operating system and NC programming. This machine is
convenient operation, saving labor and keeping environmental
The cookware polishing machine is usually composed of a motor, a polishing wheel, a control system, and the like. After starting the machine, the motor drives the polishing wheel to rotate at a high speed.
Place the cookware that needs to be polished in an appropriate position and make contact with the high-speed rotating polishing wheel. The polishing wheel is usually attached with polishing materials such as sandpaper and polishing paste.
Under the rotational friction of the polishing wheel, the rough parts on the surface of the cookware are gradually removed, making its surface smooth and flat, thereby achieving the polishing effect. At the same time, the control system can adjust parameters such as the rotational speed and pressure of the polishing wheel to adapt to the polishing needs of different cookware and different polishing stages. Through continuous friction and trimming, the cookware finally presents a bright and beautiful appearance. In the entire process, the operator needs to monitor and adjust according to the actual situation to ensure the polishing quality and work safety.
The following are some of the main functions of the kitchenware polishing machine:
Improving surface quality: Making the surface of kitchenware smoother and brighter, removing scratches, flaws, etc., and improving the appearance quality.
Enhancing cleanability: The smooth surface is not easy to be stained with stains and is easier to clean and maintain hygiene.
Increasing glossiness: Giving good gloss to kitchenware and making it more attractive.
Improving corrosion resistance: To a certain extent, enhancing the resistance ability of the surface of kitchenware to corrosion factors.
Improving the touch: Making the touch of the surface of kitchenware more delicate and comfortable.
Increasing product value: Kitchenware that has been polished often has higher value and competitiveness in the market.
The working state of the sander usually has the following characteristics:
High-speed rotation: Its grinding parts usually rotate at a relatively high speed to achieve the grinding treatment of the workpiece surface.
Continuous operation: Keep continuous actions during the working process and continuously carry out sanding operations.
Generating friction: Contact with the workpiece surface and generate friction to remove excess materials or make the surface flat and smooth.
Accompanied by vibration: There may be a certain degree of vibration when running.
Heating phenomenon: Due to friction and other reasons, a certain amount of heat may be generated.
Dust flying: Dust and other particulate matter will be generated during the sanding process, which may cause a certain amount of dust.


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